Apex Consulting Solutions Goes to Dallas!

Apex Consulting Solutions went to Dallas in July 217 for our broker's national conference. Here we had 2 team members recognized for their leadership abilites and for adding value to our organization as well as their ability to consistently exceed client expectations throughout the first half of 2017.


What is Mindfulness?

In today's’ world, there are hundreds and thousands of distractions pulling our attention away from reality and into another realm. There is television, advertisements, people watching, telephones, social media, etc. The practice of being mindful seems tougher than ever before and more useful than ever.

Before you go to bed, do this!

There are tons of articles out there about successful people. What do they do differently? Lists on lists about tips and tricks of highly successful people. Successful people wake up early, stay up late, get more done, etc. We all want to know their secret. How can we absorb their routine as our own to help us?

Do for others

Every year, Apex Consulting Solutions participates in Toys for Tots and an annual charity fundraiser for Operation Smile. This year, we've added a new scholarship program we are very excited about!

More than just a Virtue

pa·tience ˈpāSHəns/ noun \ 1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. "You can find bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross" Let’s be real. In an age where knowledge is at the tip of our fingers and we can get most of what we need... Continue Reading →

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