Open since 2014, Apex Consulting Solutions is an award winning sales and marketing firm located in Charlotte, NC. Since opening with only a handful of individuals, we have already expanded into 5 new locations nationwide.

Apex Consulting Solutions is dedicated to inspiring all individuals in our company to hit the pinnacle of their professional lives through a fun, exciting and competitive atmosphere. Through our intensive and thorough training program, Apex Consulting Solutions is able to create opportunities for our team to move upward in our company. opportunity and training in sales, marketing, and account management. The management development program at Apex Consulting Solutions focuses on personal and professional development, time management, and team building skills for all entry level candidates.

We train in all areas of business, focusing first on sales, marketing, and basic communication skills. We provide an innovative and collaborative work environment that drives performance through innovation and energy. Our company philosophy is to train our team to maximize their strengths while working on their weaknesses. We know there is always room for improvement. If we focus on what we are doing right and how to do more of that, we will naturally work on what isn’t working.

The Apex Consulting Solutions team is obsessed with self-development and growth. We host annual leadership retreats and attend quarterly leadership conferences around the country.We drive our team to follow our lead by promising to promote from within and only based on merit and value. Promotions are given to team members who have created the biggest impact on others and the firm. We judge value by someone’s ability to train others, develop themselves, help others succeed, and in their ability to manage.

So what does that mean for the Apex Consulting Solutions management team? That means our training has to cover all these topics. We cover time management, leadership development, personal development, the art of active listening, and more. The Apex Consulting Solutions blog is going to cover various topics ranging from updates on our team to leadership tips and tricks.

Apex Consulting Solutions will be expanding into at least two new markets this year. We are looking for individuals to join our team who are committed to providing great customer service experiences as well as mastering their own leadership and management abilities. Email hr@apexconsultingsolutions.com with your resume attached for consideration! We also welcome you to check us out on Instagram and Tumblr!


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