How to Lead Without A Title

Leadership is influence.- John Maxwell

Apex Consulting Solutions Atlanta ConferenceHaving a title does not make you a leader and having a title does not mean you can’t lead. So how can you lead when you don’t have a title and how can you be a great influencer and leader?

  • Consistency in who you are and beliefs

One of the first key steps in being a great leader without a title is in knowing yourself and being consistent. The more consistent you are in your beliefs, behaviors, and actions the more people can count on your follow through and trust your word. Trust is monumental when it comes to leadership. Can you even think of someone you consider to be a leader that you don’t trust? (Didn’t think so!)

giphyIf you want to lead without authority, identity is crucial. To have the courage to challenge ideas and sway the room you must be so secure in who you are and in your beliefs. You can’t question your identity or look for approval from others and you can’t be swayed if people don’t immediately agree with you.


If you’re a leader without authority, you might get pushback from the leader. The clearer you are about your beliefs the more you’ll be able to defend and explain your thoughts. Your ability to explain your why’s will allow others to find value in your thoughts and your ability to reason with “leaders” without wavering in your confidence will show others that you have done your research and are not scared to speak your truth.

  • People must like you


To be a leader without authority, you must be likable. You must find the balance between confidence, intelligence, and grit. When you do not have a title people will be more opinionated (or just more willing to voice their opinions) and want to disprove you more often; therefore, you must find a way to hold your ground and sway others to see your point of view while also building influence and value. You must be magnetic. You must be authentic.


  • You must have control over your emotions


Great sense of identity allows us to take our emotions to put them in the passenger seat. When you know who you are and have confidence in yourself, you’ll be able to recognize when you’re feeling vulnerable and address those emotions at a better later date. Having an extreme sense of identity means you know your core beliefs and values and, because of that, can recognize actions and behaviors that violate those. This does not mean you are perfect and have 100% control over your emotions. Everyone is still human; however, this means in most moments of high stress, leaders without authority can maintain a level head when others freak out.

Consistency in identity and beliefs, likeability, and understanding your emotions are three major players when it comes to leading others. Whether you have a title or not, these are ways to build your circle of influence today.

If you are a person who wants to lead and fill a leadership role in the future but still doesn’t know where to start, we recommend writing down your core beliefs and why. Once you have those mapped out, you can start making sure your actions align with those. Then you’re on your way to building a consistent identity and become a master leader!

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