Before you go to bed, do this!

keystosuccessleadershipThere are tons of articles out there about successful people. What do they do differently? Lists on lists about tips and tricks of highly successful people. Successful people wake up early, stay up late, get more done, etc. We all want to know their secret.  How can we absorb their routine as our own to help us?
Not saying we’re jumping on the bandwagon of lists and tips but…. we’re jumping on the bandwagon and we’ve listed 6 things highly successful people do before bed as listed from

1. Read for an Hour

  • Billionaire Bill Gates reads for an hour 20150305181231-bill-gates-microsoft-xbox-windowsevery night before bed ranging from politics to current events. If the desire to emulate Bill Gates isn’t high enough let us convince you with this tidbit. Reading helps expand your knowledge and has been proven to reduce stress and improve memory.

What if you don’t have an hour every night? You’re still in luck! A 2009 study from the University of Essex revealed reading for as little at 6 minutes can reduce stress levels by 68%!

2. Unplug!

  • Successful people unplug from social media and their telephones so they aren’t distracted before bed.

unplugFUN FACT: Bright light lights from cell phones disrupt our bodies natural sleep rhythm and trick our bodies into thinking it’s daytime.

3. Take a walk

  • Buffer’s CEO takes a walk before bed to turn off his thoughts about work and work his self into a ‘state of tiredness’. For entrepreneurs whose time is swamped, taking a walk can be a great way to exert energy and unwind. It can open the free flow of ideas and also help with creativity. The health benefits are just another plus.

4. Meditate

  • Meditation also referred to mindfulness, is a very tough skill to work on. As you calm-8079932_origstart doing it you may feel stressed as if you aren’t doing it properly. However, after practicing meditation, you will find it to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. If you are interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness click here.

5. Get creativecreative

  • Studies show that nighttime can be the perfect time for creativity, even if you’re tired. What?! Are you a night person like we are? As I look at the time and realize just how late it is, I realize, yes I am. I get much more done late at night where I can let my mind wander and roam. At night, your ability to make logical connections worsens but you’re able to make connections you wouldn’t have made before.

6. Plan

  • American Express CEO plans three things he wants to accomplish for the following business-planning-day. (This one seems like the absolute most obvious but it’s on the list so we included it)

Successful people utilize their time. Time, the one resource we can’t more of. It’s crucial we utilize it as much as possible. Whatever you do to unwind now, that’s okay.

For me, I watch one show and then get back into what I was doing before and then reflect on my day. My nightly routine is a break from my day. Sometimes I will read for a bit on the kindle app on my phone and sometimes I plan. Sometimes I write blogs and sometimes I scroll on Facebook. Clearly, I have not created a routine.

After reading this list I know there are two tips I will incorporate daily that are simple and I know will be worthwhile.

  1. I am going to start reading every night (from a physical book… yes, those still exist!)
  2. I am going to plan every night three things I want to accomplish the next day during certain times of the day.

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