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Every year, Apex Consulting Solutions participates in Toys for Tots and an annual charity fundraiser for Operation Smile. This year, we’ve added a new scholarship program we are very excited about!

Unlike other charities where it can be a long time till you see how your donations or timToys For Tots Logoe make an impact on people, these two offer immediate gratification. Toys for Tots gives toys to children and the response is immediate happiness and an overwhelming sense of gratitude from complete strangers. For us, that feeling of giving back is everything! To give to others and see how it impacts them is so powerful that we made a yearly commitment to participate in this charity.

Last year, we teamed up with the Charlotte Police Department to participate in their toys fundraiser as well.


Next week we are hosting our semi-annual Operation Smile event. The goal is to raise $1,300 for Operation Smile by hosting a bbq, raffle, and toss football contest. We have invited the community to join us and feel confident that we will hit our goals.

A little background on Operation Smile. This is an organization that hosts mission trips to countries where it is not automatic surgery for people born with cleft lips and/or pallets. In the United States, babies born with a cleft lip/pallet undergo immediate surgery and the scars are almost nonexistent. The cost of a surgery is only $240 each.

Operation Smile raises money and hosts trips to these countries. On each given trip they perform over 2,000 surgeries, giving back 2,000 people their smiles regardless of age or gender. THAT. IS. AWESOME!

Our next charity that we are hosting is a scholarship program for our CEO’s high school. We will be giving 2 students scholarships, 1 for $500 and 1 for $1000 every Attach28052_20170524_185631year to help pa for their tuition costs and book costs. We believe that college is a great time for leadership development and key life experiences and want to help students pay for one of the biggest expense they have!

The road to success is so much sweeter when you give back to others who can never give to you. Give wit no expectations. Give because it humbles you. Give because giving will release endorphins that make you happier.

Donating time, money, efforts are intrinsically valuable. Whatever you have to give back, do it! We guarantee it’ll help you feel gratified for the life you have.


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