Effective Leadership: 10 traits that make you an effective leader

During a meeting a few weeks ago, we asked our team what qualities do effective leaders have? What separates them from regular leaders or poor leaders? As a leadership and management development company this is the question we often ask ourselves to see if we are leading our team in the right direction and training them to have the right leadership skills and qualities.

Our team listed many qualities such as determined, resilient, understanding, compassionate, well-spoken, clear in direction, able to teach and create independence in others.

Looking at articles that give a list of traits that effective leaders have, we found our team was spot on. We are going to share this list with you because we all know and appreciate lists as they make things nice and tidy for the mind! 😉

  • The first quality listed was focused. Think about how many directions a leaderfocus is pulled in every day or every hour. How many emails are they sent to put out small fires? Or phone calls from their team, family, and friends? Responsibilities outside of the project/work that need attention too? Being all over the place to accomplish everything at once will exhaust you. An effective leader must be able to prioritize when things of importance must be done and when they can wait.


  • Another quality is passionate. I mean, would you want to work with someone or be passion.jpgmotivated to be led by someone who had no passion for what they did? Probably not. An effective leader must be enthusiastic and passionate so their team can feel their energy. Energy is transferable, both positive and negative. Positive energy and passion for what you are doing inspire your team to perform better. Set the example you want your team to follow.


  • Assertiveness. Effective leaders cannot be shy to talk to team members when goals/expectations are not being met. They must be bold, caring, and firm in the discussion so the team can understand their point and respect their leadership. Clarity and confidence in holding a team to high standards are also motivating to a team to work harder and perform better. If a leader lets too many mistakes and missed targets fly by, a team loses motivation to meet expectations and will merely go day by day.



  • An effective leader must be okay with making big decisions (Decisive). A decisive leader is not to be confused with an impulsive leader. Decisive leaders make calculated decisions weighing out the pros and cons of each option and choosing the option they find to work best for them and their team. Being decisive requires you to be able to accept responsibility for your choices.


So as not to overwhelm our readers with Effective Leadership traits, we chose to break up our topic on Effective leadership into 2 separate blogs of about 500 words. Were there any traits you found you want to work on or were you pleasantly surprised at your abilities and traits that relate to this post? If there are traits you don’t currently have or feel like you need to work on tremendously, don’t worry, leadership, like all skills, can be learned and practiced. It will take focus and there will be many mistakes. Both are okay! It’s all a learning process!

Success is not a destination. It’s a lifestyle!

We got the information for this article from http://www.leadershipandinfluenceblog.com/10-traits-of-effective-leaders/


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