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We are starting the year right here at Apex Consulting Solutions with another promotion! We are proud to promote Elizabeth Carbajal to Assistant Manager. Elizabeth started working with Apex Consulting Solutions in June 2016. She consistently is a top sales representative ranking within the top 50 out of 650 representatives nationwide. She has been ranked #1 in the country twice.

Our CEO, Nestor Sanchez, describes her as one of the hardest working people he has ever met and believes that’s the reason she has moved up so fast within our company in such a quick amount of time. Before our last expansion office left, she was mentored by one of our other top representatives, Brittany.

Elizabeth is extremely passionate about people and helping others. After high school, she went to school for nursing and took phsychology classes and has certifications to work with people with autism as a direct support specialist. Before working at Apex Consulting Solutions, Elizabeth worked with a sewiing compnay and did recruiting/staffing where she was an on-site manager.

She had no experience sales and, honestly, no idea that she would stay working with Apex Consulting Solutions for this long. When Elizabeth started she only wanted to work with us until she heard back from another potential employer.

So why did you stay?

I went with my gut feeing. I was feeling challenged and the team enviornment really grabbed my attention. I got offered another position a few weeks into working at Apex but had an intuition that this opportunity would be better for me.

What is the biggest life lesson you learned and what takeaways do you have for people interested in working with Apex Consulting Solutions?

Apex is a great place to work, it has challenged me and turned the knowledge I did have and impacted it by double.

It has only been three months and I have noticed myself breaking bad habits I had and growing in areas I didn’t know possible.

I had a meeting with our recruiter Dakota in November and we agreed to set a goal to be promoted to Ast Mngr by Jan and here we are!

It is so nice having an office full of people always willing help you grow.

elizabeth-and-nestor-hornets-gameSome other cool tidbits about Elizabeth? Well, she has goats, chickens, one pony, three dogs, and one cat. She loves crafting and currently designing her own kitchen. She plays soccer and is a HUGE Mexico and U.S. Soccer fan.

We are really excited to see what Elizabeth has to offer and are very excited to promote her into an assistant mangerial position. Although we tried to make her late for her promotion party, one thing you can really count on wiht Elizabeth is punctuality. Despite all of our power combined, she still managed to be on time!



Congratulations Elizabeth! Let’s take on 2017 together!




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