New Year- Better You!

imagesIt’s almost the end of 2016. It’s a time where a lot of people are getting ready to reflect and set new year resolutions. For some people 2016 was a fantastic year. Some people not only hit goals, they knocked their goals out of the park. So what separates those people from the people who fell off the wagon after a couple months? This last year was a great year for Apex Consulting Solutions. We expanded into Texas and already are expecting to expand into two more markets within the first half of 2017. When we reflected how we had such a great year in business, we came up with the 4 things we think helped up find success in 2016.

1. We WROTE our goals down and LOOKED at them!goal-setting-photo-1

  • Not only did we WRITE them down, we POSTED it somewhere visible so it was a constant reminder!

Keeping your goals where they are visible makes you constantly think about them. This helps shape the way you act. When you ask yourself “Does this get me closer to my goals” every time you act, you force yourself to answer “Yes” or “No”. Your actions become more chess-like and you become more strategic.

Monday-Morning-Coffee-Featured.jpg2. We told people our goals

  • But only a select few people! People who we knew would be helpful, insightful, respectful, and hard on us when we needed it.
  • We shared our goals with our mentors and coaches.
  • Setting goals can be very personal and sometimes intimidating. Sharing goals with like-minded people or people who will support you through the struggles and tough times can make all the difference!

3. We worked BACKWARDS

  • By working backwards we had to set dates as to when we needed to be at certain benchmarks to our goal. Then we had to figure out what we needed to do to get there, until we reached where we were then.
  • Working backwards to hit a goal takes careful time and thought (again, we became strategic with our actions)
  • People who hit their goals are realistic with their self as to what they need to do and how much effort they need to put in if they truly want to change their present.

4Goals. We set benchmarks and rewards

  • The benchmark goals let us know we were making progress and are on the right
  • We celebrated the small wins! Small wins are still wins!
  • Celebrating wins motivates you to want to celebrate again. It conditions your mind to continue to want to work on personal development.
  • Hitting goals feels good. People like to feel good. So hitting goals more regularly will condition your mind to want to keep doing the things that are making you feel good (i.e. sticking to your goals!)

5. Our goals were personal

  • Each one of us set our own extremely personal goals.
  • You can’t attach your goals to another person. You’ll lose motivation when times are tough and you’ll eventually cave
  • When the goal is personal, falling off the wagon becomes more tragic and gut wrenching. Gut wrenching is good!

A lot of people go into the new year knowing they break the resolutions they set. Some go in hoping that doing the same things they did last year will have a different set of outcomes this year. Some people completely do a 180 degree turn and change their entire career and life plans.Setting goals does not have to be monumental. Setting goals that will lead you in the direction of your ultimate bigger picture is also a-okay! You just have to make sure they are personal to you!

At Apex Consulting Solutions, we have become addicted to success and personal development. We are excited to reflect on our 2016 successes and game plan for 2017!


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