10 Ways to Build Self Confidence

Apex Consulting Solutions trains in sales and marketing techniques.  This week, Manager Nestor, discussed 10 ways to help build self confidence in and around the office, with customers, and with clients.

1. Dress Sharp01
This may be obvious, but we only have one first impression so let’s make it a good one.  Dressing sharp also makes you feel better about yourself.
2. Personal Commercial
Put yourself out there.  Allow others to know your goals, your mission, and what you stand for.  Highlight your strengths and continue to develop them.  Listen to this every once in a while for reassurance.
3. Good Posture
The way you carry yourself is going to tell a story.  If you are standing up straight, you typically portray a more positive attitude and leave a lasting impression.
2. Walk Fastergiphy
Studies show that walking faster builds confidence because you have a purpose.  You have places to go and people to see.
5. Gratitude
Be thankful for what you have and express it.  There are little things each day that one can be grateful for.  Make sure you express this.  #powerofpositivity
635949551021704544337796282_6a05b19728cc2296ca73074044514992.png6. Compliment other people
Again, the power of being positive.  If you are positive to others, you will think positively about yourself.  In the process, you will also become well-liked.
7. Sit in the front row
Ever go to a meeting and notice the front row is typically empty?  Every sits in the back.  Get to the front of the class.  This gets you noticed, is great for networking, and there are less distractions.  You will gain more  knowledge and feel better about yourself.
8. Speak up
There is no dumb question.  Speaking up also gets you noticed.  It also allows you to start the conversation and get things flowing in a group setting.
9. Work out and stay in shapegiphy-1
We all know you feel more secure when you are healthy and in shape.  Drink water, eat your veggies, and exercise.  Once you are happy with yourself, this naturally carries over into the rest of your life.
10. Focus on contribution
#givingback.  There are lots of things you can do to contribute.  You can donate your time, your money, your knowledge.  It can be as much as donating to something in your community for a day to something as small as giving a friend a ride somewhere.  Find something that you are passionate about and give back.  Apex Consulting Solutions gives back to the community each quarter.
If you take a look at these things and really reflect on yourself to make a positive change in your life, chances are high your self confidence will grow too!
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