2018 Scholarship Recipients | Apex Consulting Solutions

We are proud to announce our 2018 Scholarship recipients: Seth and Logan! Congratulations from the entire team at Apex Consulting Solutions, Best of Both Worlds, and EGG!  


How to Calm Your Anxiety

Anxiety riddles our society for many reasons. Some people have social anxiety, some people get panic attacks, some only get anxious when they have deadlines, and for some, it's a constant feeling overpowering their ability to think and live. For some, it's severe and for others it's minor. Regardless if you have ever suffered a panic attack or not, these tips from Navy Seals will help calm your mind when you have things to accomplish and feel anxiety creeping in your mind.

Core Values | More than just Hype

Have you ever worked with an organization or been part of a team where their core values didn't align with their actions? Did it irk you to your core? Did you feel a bit - bamboozled? Well, if it makes you feel any bit better, you're not alone. We have all been there.

How to Lead Without A Title

Having a title does not make you a leader and having a title does not mean you can’t lead. So how can you lead when you don’t have a title and how can you be a great influencer and leader?

2017 Year In Reflection

At the close of every year, the Apex Consulting Executive team sits down to reflect on the year. Why? Because it's important to look at the goals we set and analyze what went right, wrong, and what is still in progress. What goals did we completely let go of and what goals did we crush? 

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self

If you’ve never met Dakota we will give you a brief background on her so you can gain some context to her personality. Dakota is an avid health junkie. She works out a lot and loves a good red wine. Her work ethic is out of this world and we know our company wouldn’t be what it is today if she wasn’t by our side. She is strong both from weightlifting and from building resiliency over the years working towards her big picture goals and she’s one of the most disciplined people we’ve ever worked with.

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